Seralogix at a Glance

Founded in 2003 by Dr. Kenneth Drake, Seralogix uses next generation systems biology analysis services and inhouse computational tools to provide a complete, biological view of a cell, tissue or organism. Seralogix's dynamic analyses incorporate temporal data to enable discoveries not possible with other bioinformatics analysis tools available today. Seralogix services are offered as a key component of biological discovery, disease, and drug development studies.

We are a certified veteran owned business.
Who we are:

We provide bioinformatics and statistics consulting to biotech companies and university researchers. Modern biomedical research requires use of statistics, mathematical algorithms and computer programs in the design and analysis of experiments. Every project has its own distinct features that require customized design, work flow, software and analysis. We collaborate closely and personally with our customers, who might or might not have prior bioinformatics skills.

Agile Development:

Seralogix is continuously creating advanced computational software following an agile software development methodology. Our proprietary computational platform is enabling a new field of systems biology analysis and discovery applicable to a broad range of research and development for new drugs, vaccines, diagnostics, and personalized medicine.

Seralogix Markets To Biotech and Academic Organizations
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