On the Cutting Edge of
Systems Biology

Seralogix's systems biology computational approach enables a system-level understanding of complex functions in biological systems whether they are cell cultures or entire organisms. By studying the relationships and interactions between components of a system, a model can be developed. Seralogix has developed a proprietary, next generation technology for the generation of model systems; the technology has the unique ability to incorporate current biological knowledge with experimental temporal data. The result is an accurate and dynamic view of the system under study. This novel analysis can lead to discoveries that are not possible with other bioinformatics solutions and, is ideal for use in life science and drug development applications

The Power of Dynamic Bayesian Modeling

Seralogix's platform is the first (since 2004) to provide a solution for dynamic biological systems modeling based on Bayesian techniques. These techniques enable the integration of known qualitative data (i.e., signaling pathway network structure) with experimental data such as time-dependent changes of genes, proteins, metabolites and other physiologic responses resulting in the biological system's BioSignature. Powerful, dynamic Bayesian network models (DBNs) use machine learning, pattern recognition and graph theory to form the core of Seralogix's computational analysis. DBNs are graphic models incorporating a large set of variables and their probabilistic interdependencies in a novel way for learning and modeling biological systems. These models are used to decipher the complex relationships leading to improved understanding and important mechanistic discoveries.

A New Dimension in Systems Biology Analysis

The unique analysis feature of our software is its ability to fuse biological knowledge with the dimension of time. This new dimension of analysis provides insights into the data that would otherwise go unnoticed. The analysis integrates up to date biological knowledge (i.e. regulatory pathways, gene-gene/protein-protein relations, and biologic functionality) with experimental gene, protein, and physiologic data to produce a robust model system. No other commercially available or open-source software has this ability.

Your Systems Biology Service

Seralogix's software and services are customized to meet your needs. Seralogix can compare genomic and proteomic study data generated by basic life science research laboratories to allow discoveries that would not be possible otherwise. Pharmaceutical researchers will find the service a key component in the development of vaccines, drugs or new molecular diagnostics. Go to our computational pipeline to learn more how our solution can meet your needs.

Obtaining a systems-wide analysis of your data requires a range of expertise and resources, which is often beyond the reach of a single research group, and often, even an institution. Partnering with Seralogix will enable you to participate in the Systems Biology revolution now.

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