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Article published in PLOS ONE employing Seralogix's solutions. Title: "Systems Biology Analysis of Brucella Infected Peyer's Patch Reveals Rapid Invasion with Modest Transient Perturbations of the Host Transcriptome", Authors: Carlos A. Rossetti, Kenneth L. Drake, Prasad Siddavatam, Sara D. Lawhon, Jairo E. S. Nunes, Tamara Gull, Sangeeta Khare, Robin E. Everts, Harris A. Lewin, Leslie Garry Adams. Link to publication.


Article published in BMC Genomics employing Seralogix's solutions. Title: "Global Rsh-dependent transcription profile of Brucella suis during stringent response unravels adaptation to nutrient starvation and cross-talk with other stress responses", Authors: Hanna Nabil, Safia Ouahrani-Bettache , Kenneth L Drake, L Garry Adams, Stephan Köhler, Alessandra Occhialini. Link to publication.


Seralogix's Systems Biology turn-key computational pipeline installed and operational at the University of California, Davis for use in the their Animal Systems Biology Analysis and Modeling Center (ASBAMC) under a program sponsored by the USDA. Detailed description of the program can be viewed at the ASBAMC portal (www.asbamc.org).

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