Introducing Interactome Discovery Service

Seralogix believes a systems biology approach utilizing sophisticated computational algorithms greatly improves our ability to discover how a pathogen interacts with a host during invasion, evasion, and proliferation and how it manipulates the host's signaling, regulatory, and metabolic pathway responses as they cascade over time.

Seralogix is introducing our Interactome Discovery Service for the study of infectious diseases or other chemical or toxins that interact with the host. Our unique computational approach employs transcriptomic or proteomic data from both the pathogen and host to create predictions for the points of interaction. Prior biological knowledge coupled with the experimental data is used to learn and infer plausible protein-protein interactions and the identification of mechanisms of interaction. This sophisticated analysis approach provides a whole new level of understanding between the pathogen and host during the course of infection which can lead to the identification of new targets for drug intervention and aid in the design of more effective vaccines. The approach is described briefly in the systems biology computational approach.