Transcriptomic BioSignature Discovery Services

All our services are based upon delivering discovery results using our inhouse systems biology computational pipeline. The results of our Transcriptomic BioSignature Discovery Services are provided to our clients via our unique web-based reporting and visualization system. The types of analysis results provided to our clients through the web are illustrated in the slideshow below:
Transcriptomic BioSignature Discovery offers pathway and biological process model-based analyses of microarray and next generation RNA sequencing (rnaSEQ) data including classical statistical analyses. Because our analysis process incorporates Bayesian network learning and modeling for its analysis of gene groups and single genes, sensitivity of detecting more subtle modulations in genes is possible. Unlike typical bioinformatics analysis, Transcriptomic BioSignature Discovery allows you to compare data from multiple conditions and various time points, as well as accounting for different genotypes, gender, and species/race. Our discovery service of microarray and rnaSEQ data will maximize the value of large, complex data sets. All our services incorporate rigorous data management, including multiple data quality assessments and data security measures. Ultimately, all the data analysis results are preserved in the Seralogix data management system and accessed by the client through our web-based reporting and visualization systems.

Discovery Results