Systems Biology Solutions

As an emerging leader in computational Systems Biology, Seralogix serves biotech and academic researchers with advanced discovery solutions worldwide.
BioSignature Discovery Services

Seralogix BioSignature Discovery Services (BioSignatureDS) are build around our next generation of systems biology analysis and modeling software. The key components of our services are essential to all systems biology studies.

BioSystem Discovery Workbench Turn-key Implementation

Seralogix's computational pipeline consists of an integrated suite of tools capable of managing "omic" data importation, analysis/modeling, visualization and web-based reporting. Seralogix can provide our pipeline and customizations for your own organization along with education and support.


"What took six months…is done in a week. Seralogix's computational capabilities fills a serious shortfall in our expertise. We have found no other organization with the capabilities of Seralogix,....”
Dr. Garry Adams, Texas A&M