Seralogix Study Manager™

An integrated suite of professional products, enabling you to dynamically share pre-clinical study data across an enterprise and around the world, with cutting-edge functionality, and industry-embraced standards


Seralogix Study Manager™ is a new platform aiming to standardize and streamline pre-clinical studies via an elegant interface. Suitable for individual researchers and scalable to vast research enterprise, the platform employs sophisticated computing power to make your experimental design, data collection, and reporting a breeze. This suite of tools will enable you and your team to have confidence in your data quality and enjoy the benefits of instant reporting.

Embedded intelligent Designer = higher experiment design confidence and reproducibility

Correctly planning your experimental design can be a daunting task. Seralogix Study Manager walks you through the process of experimental design to achieve the statistically rigor necessary to ensure your studies success. A researcher can quickly explore a variety of experimental designs and immediately ascertain the statistical validity of your study plan. Go forward with more confidence and accuracy at all stages of your pre-clinical studies.

Populated outcome database with thousands of prior phenotypic test measurements = improves study outcome predictions and power of your studies

Plan your experiments with better phenotypic data from thousands of previous experiments and a variety of species. Wide range of phenotypic measurements includes such applications as Behavioral, Physiological, and Developmental results for hundreds of strains. Improve you experimental designs with higher confidence based on prior studies.

Access to experts = reduced study risks

Seralogix Study Manager Expert Module provides access to domain and statistical experts. Get answers fast from world-class scientists. Augment your team with an expert. Checkout the knowledgebase and participate in the community forum. Feel confident that your studies are designed correctly the first time. Reduce you study risks by having your designs reviewed by our experts.

Cleaner data = cleaner results

Data Collection Module

Quality Assurance is essential to any study, and Seralogix Study Manager™ gives you immediate access to data collection via a centralized admin panel, with the ability to review in real-time and ensure the integrity of your study. An administrator can rapidly flag data and alert the team before one mistake leads to a flawed study. Whether your team is spread across a laboratory or across the world, you can collaborate in harmony via a standardized platform.

Reports = improved efficiency and documentation

Reports Module

With the Seralogix Report Module, quickly generate reports of experimental designs, track data collection, export data, and review results in real-time. Export Word, PDF or CVS documents for rapid inclusion into proposals and animal use review committees. Comply with the ARRIVE (Animal Research: Reporting of Invivo Experiments) guidelines. Export collected data for analysis by other statistical tools.

Teams = expedite collaboration, reviews, and sharing

Team Module

Improve team collaboration and faster reviews by enabling real-time review of designs and data. With the Seralogix Team Module you can invite co-investigators, lab technicians, and data entry personnel to have roles in your study. Manage your team and studies with higher degree of confidence. Share results with team members anywhere in the world.

Task Automation

Quickly schedule routine tasks to save time and create a standardized workflow that is dramatically more efficient and easier than traditional implementation.


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Electronic Data Capture

Capture cleaner research data
Automate important tasks
Study oversight and monitoring
Automatic setup from Experimental Design Studio
Secure, robust and redundant

Eye on the Data

Watch your data as its collected:
centralized review
flag discrepancies
real-time check on data value accuracy

Monitor Progress

Monitor compliance with your experimental design objectives:
Dashboard monitors study progress
Scheduling and tracking
Tasks achievements (labs, sampling, etc)

Higher Data Quality

Streamline data capture:
Multiple sites
Ensure input accuracy
Know immediately of an outlier
Data direct to the redundant database
Random and fixed factor